Sisesmic Waves Labratory

How do you know what the inteerior structure looks like?

Well there are some ways that might not work, such as using a big camera or guessing. But there are some ways that let us have an idea of what it looks like. The 2 most important things that helps us are volcanoes, and earthquakes. they tell us a lot of things about the earths structure, and what is going on under the earth.

 Another thing that tells us a lot about are p & s waves, scientist use these sisesmic waves to figure out what is inside the earth. With you digging or using any type of drilling machinery. They also do that on different planets too. If a liquid or a solid is in the planet or substance the wave will usually have a reaction


I know Global Warming and  other Global concerns are a problem but, we would not be able to fix any of those problems if we didn’t have literacy. Every day people don’t notice how many people can help fix these problems but they can’t because they don’t know how to read and write. That is why people need to fight more for some of these countries that have a lower literacy rate then theirs. If we all try just a little bit just to fight for this one thing, we can change the world. That goes for every problem, we all have to work together and try to fix the problem in this world and if we all do that. Step by Step, We cant  make the world perfect but we can come close!

Tell a story

I think that this picture of a owner holding dog shows that the owner really likes his dog and he shows his a affection for the dog,it must be cold too because the owner was wearing a jacket. He was also wearing gloves and must of the stuff he had was meant to be worn when when it is cold. So my inference is that  it is cold outside.

If I could learn anything

if i could learn i could learn anything in the world it would have to be my dream of being a scientist and learning things about animals and paleontologist. i have always been interest in the study of animals and fossils. If i could learn this i think i could make something good out of that knowledge.  I think that i  stay in school and listen to my teachers i will learn the information. but I cant do all the work my teachers have to be willing to teach  me the work.

After School Activity

Honestly when ever  I get out of school I just want to have fun, so i usually hang around my friends and play sports. Some times when i get a chance I go over to my best friends house and play baseball or basketball. Sometimes i don’t have a chance to do that because i have football, baseball, or homework, but i try hard just to get to a friends house once a week. I am lazy or tired , now and then so i play video games or try to play board games with my family. I like to do all those things but the thing i would like to do every after noon but cant is SLEEP! I don’t think i get enough of it . i would almost do anything just to do that.

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Rock Story

Rocks can tell us alot about earth. How it formed, when it formed,even how the earth is changing. If you want to know interesting things about rocks we are going tto have to go a little different.
 when rock changes the earth changes and it always does it. It is doing under your feet right now. Have you ever satred at a rock or even a volcane and relized that over a period it changes. It gets smaller or bigger but some how it always changes and that is how the earth is always changing.
Have you ever seen a picture of a hawaii they are big volcanoes and they were never there at a period of time like 1 million years ago. If you want to learn more read a book or ask a teacher.they alot
                                                                                                                                    I love school